Company Profile and Investment Strategy


We aim at creating strong regional/global companies engaged in strategic industries and supporting high technology-producing enterprises via the funds that we manage.


It is our prioritized mission to provide support to the structural transformation of our country in line with sustainable development priorities and create value both for our investors and for the portfolio companies with the help of the funds established by our experienced team.

Investment Strategy

Turkey Development Fund (TDF) will focus on capital and structured finance investments for companies with high expansion potential.

Sectorial/Company Focus

  • Priority sectors in the development and critical technologies
  • Early-stage: focusing on the trends of the future by building close relations with the ecosystem
  • Growth stage: Companies that may particularly reduce the current deficit and raise the value-added exports

Investment Approach

Value creation approach:

  • Providing expansion capital (companies that work with the accurate business model but lack the capital needed for expansion and/or requiring balance sheet rehabilitation)
  • Solution of organization problems that occur due to 2nd/3rd generation change and/or managerial incompetence
  • Strategic support in the fields of management, operational productivity, institutionalization and resource utilization

Investment Criteria

  • Experienced and proficient management team/partners that adopt high ethical values
  • Determination of the investment exit strategy from the day zero
  • Cash-generating capacity/potential and high cash conversion ratio
  • Potential to be amongst the leading regional players with the help of new investments, procurement and consolidations
  • Managing the impacts of such risks as exchange rate, commodity, interest, regulation, etc. on the balance sheet and income growth



Turkey Development Fund was officially founded



Regional Development Fund was founded



Development Venture Capital Portfolio Management Company was founded


Technology and Innovation Fund was founded


Development Participation Venture Capital Investment Fund and Innovative and Advanced Technologies Participation Venture Capital Investment Fund were founded



Development and Investment Bank of Turkey Capital Fund was founded


The managed total net asset value of funds exceeded 1.3 billion TRY